Email to Flow in Salesforce

Image00 How EmailToFlow works?


Image01 Go to setup -> search Email Services
Image02 Config new Email Service. Fill apex class to EmailToFlow class. Config all necessary fields based on your need. And click save
Image03 Click New Email Address to generate salesforce email
Image04 configure email address information based on your need. And click save
Image05 You’ll get a new autogenerated email address that you can use to route email to your flow. This email will be the email address that you’ll share to client when you want to use this
Image06 Open EmailToFlowController flow. You’ll see there are prepackaged variables in your flow and there’s router to test your new autogenerated email
Image07 If you send an email to the autogenerated email address with subject Test Email To Flow, the router will continue to the next path
Image08 If there’s attachments in the email, it will create a new file
Image09 set the AutoReplyMessage from Text Template
Image10 The sender of the email, will automatically receive a reply with body from the email template
Image11 Testing send email with Test Email To Flow subject
Image12 Autoreply Message from the email service (In the same email thread)



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