Connect Salesforce to any API with Process Builder or Flow Builder (Free Generic APEX Code)

public class GenericAPICaller {public class ToSend {
@InvocableVariable(label='Payload Template')
public String payloadTemplate;
@InvocableVariable(label='HTTP Method' required=true)
public String httpMethod;
@InvocableVariable(label='URL' required=true)
public String url;
public Boolean async;
@InvocableVariable(label='Timeout in milliseconds')
public Integer timeout;
@InvocableVariable(label='Header1 Name')
public String header1Name;
@InvocableVariable(label='Header1 Value')
public String header1Value;
@InvocableVariable(label='Header2 Name')
public String header2Name;
@InvocableVariable(label='Header2 Value')
public String header2Value;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name1 String')
public String name1String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name2 String')
public String name2String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name3 String')
public String name3String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name4 String')
public String name4String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name5 String')
public String name5String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name6 String')
public String name6String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name7 String')
public String name7String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name8 String')
public String name8String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name9 String')
public String name9String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name10 String')
public String name10String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name11 String')
public String name11String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name12 String')
public String name12String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name13 String')
public String name13String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name14 String')
public String name14String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name15 String')
public String name15String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name16 String')
public String name16String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name17 String')
public String name17String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name18 String')
public String name18String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name19 String')
public String name19String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Name20 String')
public String name20String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value1 String')
public String value1String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value2 String')
public String value2String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value3 String')
public String value3String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value4 String')
public String value4String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value5 String')
public String value5String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value6 String')
public String value6String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value7 String')
public String value7String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value8 String')
public String value8String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value9 String')
public String value9String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value10 String')
public String value10String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value11 String')
public String value11String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value12 String')
public String value12String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value13 String')
public String value13String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value14 String')
public String value14String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value15 String')
public String value15String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value16 String')
public String value16String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value17 String')
public String value17String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value18 String')
public String value18String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value19 String')
public String value19String;
@InvocableVariable(label='Value20 String')
public String value20String;
@InvocableVariable(label='QueryString1 String')
public String queryString1;
@InvocableVariable(label='QueryString2 String')
public String queryString2;
public Boolean sandbox;

public static String apexCallOutEngine(String JSONString) {
ToSend toSend = ((ToSend)JSON.deserialize(JSONString, ToSend.class));
String url = toSend.url;
String httpMethod = toSend.httpMethod;
Integer timeout = toSend.timeout;
Http h = new Http();
HttpRequest hr = new HttpRequest();
HttpResponse resp = new HttpResponse();
if (toSend.header1Name!=null && toSend.header1Value!=null) { hr.setHeader(toSend.header1Name, toSend.header1Value); }
if (toSend.header2Name!=null && toSend.header2Value!=null) { hr.setHeader(toSend.header2Name, toSend.header2Value); }
if (toSend.queryString1!=null) {
url = url.replace('{queryString1}',EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.queryString1,'UTF-8'));
if (toSend.queryString2!=null) {
url = url.replace('{queryString2}',EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.queryString2,'UTF-8'));

if (toSend.timeout==null) {
} else {
if ('GET'.equalsIgnoreCase(httpMethod)) {
if(toSend.name1String != null && toSend.value1String != null && toSend.name1String.length()>0) {
url = url + '?'+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.name1String,'UTF-8')+'='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.value1String,'UTF-8');
if(toSend.name2String != null && toSend.value2String != null && toSend.name2String.length()>0) {
url = url + '&'+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.name2String,'UTF-8')+'='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.value2String,'UTF-8');
if(toSend.name3String != null && toSend.value3String != null && toSend.name3String.length()>0) {
url = url + '&'+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.name3String,'UTF-8')+'='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.value3String,'UTF-8');
if(toSend.name4String != null && toSend.value4String != null && toSend.name4String.length()>0) {
url = url + '&'+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.name4String,'UTF-8')+'='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.value4String,'UTF-8');
if(toSend.name5String != null && toSend.value5String != null && toSend.name5String.length()>0) {
url = url + '&'+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.name5String,'UTF-8')+'='+EncodingUtil.urlEncode(toSend.value5String,'UTF-8');
System.debug('Hit GET with URL: ' + url);
} else
if ('POST'.equalsIgnoreCase(httpMethod)) {
String template = toSend.payloadTemplate;
if (template != null) {
template = template.replace('~'+toSend.name1String+'~','"'+toSend.value1String+'"');
template = template.replace('~'+toSend.name2String+'~','"'+toSend.value2String+'"');
template = template.replace('~'+toSend.name3String+'~','"'+toSend.value2String+'"');
template = template.replace('~'+toSend.name4String+'~','"'+toSend.value2String+'"');
template = template.replace('~'+toSend.name5String+'~','"'+toSend.value2String+'"');

hr.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');

System.debug('Hit POST with URL: '+url+' JSON: ' + template);

} else
if ('DELETE'.equalsIgnoreCase(httpMethod)) {
System.debug('Hit DELETE with URL: '+url);
try {
resp = h.send(hr);
System.debug('Response code: '+resp.getStatusCode());
String body = resp.getBody();
if (body==null) { body = ''; }
String result = '{"http_status_code": '+resp.getStatusCode()+' , "data":'+body+'}';
System.debug('Response: '+result);
return result;

} catch (Exception e) {
System.debug('Callout Error:' + e.getMessage());
return null;

public static void apexcallout(String JSONString) {
public static Boolean isSandbox() {
Organization organization = [select Id, IsSandbox from Organization limit 1];
if (organization.IsSandbox) {
System.debug('This is Sandbox');
System.debug('This is Production');
return organization.IsSandbox;

@InvocableMethod(label='Send Generic Data by API call' description='Send Generic Data by API call')
public static List<String> process(List<ToSend> toSends) {
List<String> results = new List<String>();
for (ToSend toSend: toSends) {
toSend.sandbox = isSandbox();
String JSONString = JSON.serialize(toSend);
String result = null;
if (toSend.async == true) {
} else {
result = apexCallOutEngine(JSONString);
return results;

Input the name of remote site, and define the Endpoint you want to hit
I use Autolaunched Flow, you can use Screen Flow as well
Add new Action Element to your Action, and define all the variables needed
Save and try to debug the result




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A dots connector. open for part time, Email:

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