Accordion in Salesforce Screen Flow

2 min readJul 17, 2021
Image01 Accordion in Salesforce Screen Flow

This component will help you to use Accordion component inside screen flow.

Accordion displays vertically stacked sections of content that you can expand and collapse. Click a section’s header to expand its content. Users can control how much content is visible at once, and don’t need to scroll as much to see the content of a page.



  1. HTML Text when Accordion Expanded
    type : Text(support HTML Text)
    This is the HTML Text that will showed up if the accordion is expanded. You can use simple text, or HTML text created by Text Template.
  2. is Section Expanded?
    type : Boolean
    In input, this will define the default behaviour of the accordion. if you set this to True, the accordion will be expanded by default
  3. Label of Accordion
    type : Text
    The label of your accordion


  1. is Section Expanded?
    type : Boolean
    In Output, you can access data whether your user leave the screen Flow when the accordion is expanded or collapsed. When expanded, this variable will be set to true, otherwise it will be false
How to configure Accordion Screen Flow Component

Installation (Production) :

Installation (Sandbox) :

Source code :

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